Google Implements Plusone

A few weeks ago I read in some tech news about Google's intentions to release a website rating feature call Plusone and today I finally got the email from Google to let me know that this feature is now available to both add to our own websites and use in search results.
How does it work?
Their intentions are to simulate something similar to what Facebook's "Like" already offers but instead for websites that appear in their search results. Google's way of thinking is that people usually like what their friends like and are taking advantage of this fact. So for example when you find a new online store that you like you may decide to click +1 either on the website if they have the feature implemented of from the search results using the +1 button that now appears next to each link. If your friend then comes along the same link (while signed into their Google account) they will see an annotation next to the link stating that their friend has already voted for this link. If none of your friends have voted for a link then you will just see a cumulative total of  +1's.
How does this help?

  1. If you see a link that your friend "Like"s or has "+1" then you are more likely to visit the website.
  2. Website links stand out a little more with the annotation next to their link.
  3. Website's you have "+1" are more likely to appear in your friends searches if they are signed in.

Mandurah Web has already implemented the Google Plusone feature and we are happy to help you too. If you would like to find out more contact us today.

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