Facebook Pages for Business

Facebook pages were created specifically by Facebook for advertising your business. You can use them similar to a normal account, in that you can write comments and posts, upload images and  browse Facebook. Even though Facebook pages are available I still see many business creating a regular Facebook account. There are a few things wrong with this.

  1. Facebook does not allow you to have a regular account in your business name and will remove you or enforce you to convert your account into a page.
  2. You must have a first and last name. This naming structure probably doesn't suit your business name.
  3. Once you have more than 100 "likes" you cannot change your page name. This means if you get more than 100 friends and are then forced to convert to a page you won't be able to update the page name to correct match your business name.

I'm not entirely sure why business continue to create regular accounts rather than pages but I have a few ideas.

  1. They don't have an account and think they need to create an account first before they can create a page. This is wrong you can create a page here directly using an email address.
  2. They think that with an ordinary account they will have the benefit of adding people as friends rather than waiting for people to "like" their page. This is a valid argument and I wouldn't blame someone for taking this route. Just be aware of the points I mentioned above.
  3. Finally I believe many users who are new to Facebook are completely unaware of the fact that you should have user profiles for individuals and pages for business.

With that said if you have any friends with business using regular accounts or you receive friend requests from businesses then please point them to this post so they can learn the difference between pages and accounts. Mandurah Web offers Facebook page integration for your website. Integrating Facebook with your website will post all new website content directly to your Facebook page or Twitter feed without any user interaction.

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